## Welcome to my [[Digital Garden]]. This is a place where you're able to take a peak into my mind and hopefully return with something valuable or insightful. Here, you'll find a collection of interconnected ideas, thoughts, and notes that I've cultivated over time. I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on anything, so please take what you find here with a grain of salt without verifying it for yourself. The purpose of this Digital Garden is not to showcase only polished and perfected ideas but rather to share the raw and unfiltered thought process behind them. ## Who are you, anyway? My name is [[Information/About Me|Amelia]]. You may know me IRL, on Discord, or not know me at all! Whatever the case, *welcome*. ## Where do I start? Take a look at the sidebar; you'll find the navigation there. Keep in mind that the layout is how I think; things may not be where you expect them. The great thing about a [[Digital Garden]] is that it's like a wiki, where you have everything interconnected. So feel free to follow the links. You might find something you didn't expect! Also the tags, the tags are a thing, too. Speaking of... ### By Month #2023-April #2023-May #2023-Jun #2023-Sep #2023-Oct #2023-Nov ### By Attribute #AI-Generated: Pages that contain content generated (even in part) by AI #Write-Up: A walk-through of sorts for CTFs and the like #How-To: Instructional material that is written in an informative way #Article: Content that is written in the form of an article, as opposed to the rest